Comprehensive Legal Support for Clients in the Workplace & Marketplace

Are you searching for employment law attorneys, sexual harassment lawyers, or wrongful termination lawyers? Or are you in need of labor law or consumer law legal professionals? With 50 years of collective experience, Connor & Morneau, LLP readily serves clients throughout Massachusetts, including those in and around Northampton, MA. Whether your claim falls under union, FTC federal and state, or racial discrimination laws, we’ve got you covered.

Employees & Labor Organizations

Connor & Morneau offers comprehensive legal representation to employees experiencing legal issues in the workplace, and to organizations needing assistance with bargaining, arbitration, appeals, litigation, and other proceedings under labor law. Whether you feel you have a case under sexual harassment law, or need a labor law attorney to facilitate a grievance hearing and arbitration, our labor and employment law lawyers are ready and willing to evaluate your claim.

Safeguarding Consumer Rights

Our consumer law lawyers are dedicated to retrieving the best results possible for clients who have been victimized by fraudulent, unscrupulous companies. By offering in-depth legal knowledge surrounding lemon law, Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), consumer fraud, and more, we aim to help clients uphold their rights in the marketplace. Trust a Connor & Morneau in consumer law attorney to provide the attentive, knowledgeable backing you deserve.

Additional Legal Services

In addition to aiding workers, labor entities, and consumers, the attorneys at Connor & Morneau offer a number of ancillary legal services. From our two offices – located in Springfield, MA and Holyoke, MA – we help clients resolve claims under the umbrellas of family, real estate, and probate law. Whether you're going through a divorce or require estate planning services, our lawyers possess the experience and client commitment to deliver satisfying results.

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Our attorneys are committed to working diligently toward the best outcomes. Contact us today at (413) 455-1730 for more information on our comprehensive legal services.




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